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Well, despite the best of intentions it's been over 4 months since my last post! But, I think it is fair to say that the gaps are getting a bit smaller.........

Autumn 2015 was something of a doozy in terms of deadlines for the MA and by the time the Christmas break rolled around I felt completely wrung out - physically, emotionally and mentally. The process of constantly questioning each and every creative decision, reflecting and then responding, has and still is, both hugely rewarding and hugely exhausting. So once the final deadline was met and the Christmas break started, I gave myself permission to take a little back step and do nothing of any great significance for a few weeks - doodling and sketching were the order of the day.

Of course, skip forward a couple of weeks and mindful of new impending deadlines, I was itching to get back on with work of a more significant nature but it seems my brain was staging a mini mutiny and was flatly refusing to focus on anything in particular. Garrrrrrr, bloomin' typical!! Any ways, it's okay now, we've had words, I gave it some space, we are back on speaking terms and all systems are go. 

So, brain mutiny quelled - check, home studio finally sorted - check, reflexive practice - ......check

With the end of the MA journey firmly in my sights, everything I am working on at the moment is for my final show. Inevitably, the shape of the show is constantly, subtly evolving but I can tell you with certainty that paper cutting and fairytale themes will feature heavily.....and it will be in July.....or August...

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