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Well, here we are, just over halfway through 2012 and so far no sign of Summer. There were those 2 weeks in May but it seems to me that it’s rained, and rained, and rained ever since. The warmth of the sun on my skin seems like a dream - one that’s both tantalisingly close and frustratingly, just out of reach.  The result, it seems, is that I now regularly partake in that very British past time of moaning about the weather!

But if I can’t have summer outside I am determined to have it on my canvas!  My palette of colours remains staunchly bright and bold with my colour selections making for vivid visual experiences that can’t fail to lift you out of the grey rain drenched world to one where colour and light rule.

Tree of Life Tree of Life Detail

My recently completed ‘Tree of Life’ swirls with energy and colour throughout the composition. The corners feature cipher text which translates back into one of Shakespeare’s Sonnets about the cyclic nature of life.

I have an enduring love of trees and the textural qualities of wood as the subject of painting and I am currently enjoying gradually working up the sketches and layouts for a new piece which will include a wonderful piece of weathered wood I found on one of my walks, butterflies and a small, delicate spider.

In the meantime I also have two other pieces in progress – One includes the tendrils/tentacles I have been playing with in my sketches and the other focuses solely on the colour play of butterflies in flight.

I have got lots of exciting projects in the pipeline from new self directed works, gallery exhibitions to a commissioned wall mural that I just received an enquiry about. So it's time to knuckle down, forget about the rain and disappear into a world of colour and light …………

Tendrils/Tentacles Layout Butterflies in flight sketch



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