Contemporary bold imagery inspired by natural subjects.

Transformation 02 Honeycomb Tunnels - Full view

"Past series of work have seen me create bold, intriguing images that are vivid with colour inspired by the natural subjects and objects that I encounter in my day to day life. Subjects are depicted in such a way as to exaggerate their beauty and fragility whilst exploring the complex relationship our emotions have with colour, symbolism and obscure embedded meanings.
My overiding focus during the creative process to imbue feelings of intrigue and pleasure in the viewer, and as such, whilst I am continuing to explore the versatility of heavy body acrylics on canvas, I have also commenced work on a series of watercolours enhanced with hand stitching and a series of delicate and detailed papercuts. I am looking forward to sharing these new pieces with audiences at several high profile exhibitions in 2014 "

Frances has been exhibiting her work nationwide since 2004, continuing to capture the imagination and sell to collectors worldwide. Commissions are welcome.