Story time.......

 triple cut shot


"Inspired by layered narratives, the intricacies within nature and embracing a life long obsession with intricate detail, delicate paper cut works have featured heavily in my practice for several years. The detailed and complex compositions I create are cut from a single sheet of paper using a scalpel. In addition to working with papercutting techniques I also employ a variety of other mediums including stitch, crochet, linocut print techniques and early animation techniques (Zoetropes & Magic Lanterns). My objective is create works that serve as visual interpretations of the intriguing layers found in all good story narratives, making the most of my inspiring surroundings in Yorkshire. My creations are entirely hand worked and I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my practice"

Frances has been exhibiting her work nationwide since 2004 and is currently working towards an MA in Creative Practice from Harrogate School of Art & Design. Commissions are welcome.